Concrete Sealing Sydney

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We at Tile and Grout Cleaning Sydney represents an innovative approach to all types of concrete sealing. Do not wait until it becomes too late for you to seal the concrete on your foundation. Prevention is always better than cure! Our projectable waterproofing membranes form a waterproofing system. They are formulated to be applied with shotcrete and cast-in-place concrete to facilitate the construction of composite structures. The high water tightness of the system is guaranteed thanks to the excellent adhesion properties between the membrane and the concrete, which avoids the migration of water along the concrete-membrane interface on both sides of the layer. Hire a well experienced Concrete Sealing Sydney service providers for you to be assured of premium services.

Concrete Sealing Sydney
Concrete Sealing Sydney

Concrete Sealing Services at Concrete Sealing Sydney;

We at Tile and Grout Cleaning Sydney have extensive experience in performing concrete sealing related tasks. We have always been offering our services to different customers with different types of projects. We are specialist in commercial, residential, institutional and industrial fields. We have highly specialised technicians who perform the tasks with a lot of expertise. We also use high-quality products that guarantee efficient and lasting results. Concrete is resistant and waterproof, but its effectiveness may decrease over time because many concretes’ functions depend on the seal. Due to this, you should be very keen when choosing the right concrete sealing service providers.

Effective Products for Good Concrete Sealing Sydney.

Our specialist at Tile and Grout Cleaning Sydney performs concrete waterproofing work using Soprema brand elastomeric membrane. Soprema is a premium product that ensures concrete waterproofness. We usually use this product for residential, commercial, civil engineering and municipal project orders.

Water Tanks Concrete Sealing Sydney
Water Tanks Concrete Sealing Sydney

Water Tanks Concrete Sealing Sydney.

In addition to providing concrete foundation waterproofing services, our team is continuously involved in various projects to waterproof municipal drinking water tanks. In fact, we have developed specialised techniques to ensure water tightness of the concrete in the water tanks to allow residents to be adequately distributed with drinking water all year round.

Our Concrete Sealing Process.

After thirty plus years of experience in the field, we have developed our unique concrete sealing process that gives the best results.

  • We first organize our tools; we usually use a blower or broom and a good concrete cleaner.  We also use a roller for applying the sealer. A low-pressure pneumatic spray is also required, together with eye protection and rubber gloves.
  • We then use a power washer to thoroughly clean the surface by removing all the oil, dirt, stains and dust from the concrete.
  • We repair any defects that might be in the concrete after we have cleaned the surface to ensure that it is smooth so that sealers can easily adhere to it.
  • After striping existing sealers, we open the concrete with an etching solution.
  • We then use a roller or sprayer to apply a thin coat of the sealer.
  • We then wait for the first layer of the sealer to dry, and it usually takes 24 hours for it to dry completely.
  • After the first layer has dried completely, You need to apply the second layer following the opposite direction.
  • The next procedure is to wait for the sealer to completely dry.
Expert Tile Regrouting Service Sydney
Expert Tile Regrouting Service Sydney

Services That We Provide;

Below are different types of services that we provide to clients that are located in Sydney and other surrounding locations.

  • Residential concrete sealing  services.
  • Commercial concrete sealing services.
  • Industrial concrete sealing  services.
  • Roof waterproofing services

Why Should You Hire Tile and Grout Cleaning Sydney?

We at Tile and Grout Cleaning Sydney are your best choice. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our concrete sealing techniques. Our experienced technicians can be in a position to visit the whole of Sydney and neighbouring areas anytime you request for a service. Join us at 0488 852 105, and we will turn to you within the shortest time possible.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Sydney
Tile and Grout Cleaning Sydney

Below is a List of Advantages That You Will Enjoy When Working With Us.

  • Quick response to you.
  • Premium and affordable services.
  • Free site evaluation.
  • We will connect you to a cheap concrete sealing product supplier

We at Tile and Grout Cleaning Sydney are always available to assist our clients in sealing their concrete. Do not struggle wondering where to get a specialist at concrete sealing Sydney. All you need to do is to call us at 0488 852 105, and we will respond to your plea within the shortest time possible. Do not ignore sealing your concrete as it will make your concrete more resistant to harsh weather exposures such as grease, oil stains and water. Sealers also bring a natural beauty of your concrete and makes your floor easier to clean. For a sealer to work magic, it must be appropriately applied by experienced concrete sealers like us.